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No job is too small or too big, as we supply rental in all phases of drilling and production. We take pride in providing the quality rental equipment you need. Our inventory is continuously expanding and updating to include the latest technology available. When we purchase equipment, we mandate to our vendors that each item has complete and total traceability, including the mill certifications.

Flexible Rental Terms to Customer’s Request

  • Fixed $/FT Pricing (Tower Tools Pays for Repairs & Downgrades)

  • Fixed $/FT Pricing (Customer Pays for Repairs & Downgrades)

  • Conventional Days in Use Rental (Rental Charged on Days in Use)

  • Flat Monthly Rate (Customer Pays for Repairs & Downgrades)

  • Tower Tools All Inclusive Program (Fixed $/FT Pricing & Tower pays 100% of the Following: Inspection, Repairs, Hardbanding, & Downgrades)

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